PriceEngine is a tool designed for foreign exchange (FX) trading, specifically for creating and managing customized streaming FX quotes for a bank's customers. PriceEngine has several key components:

  1. Data processing: The tool loads data from various sources, cleans it, and reformats it to be used in the subsequent steps.
  2. Dealer customization: Dealers can create their price rungs for different transaction sizes they want to quote, allowing for flexibility and personalized pricing.
  3. Rate customization: The PriceEngine further customizes the bank's rates into different price groups, taking into account customer limits and other factors.
  4. Quote distribution: Finally, the customized quotes are sent to third-party portals as well as the bank's own web-based electronic FX trading front-end.
    The PriceEngine is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the process of offering customized FX quotes to customers, ensuring a more efficient and tailored approach to foreign exchange trading for financial institutions.

Matching OrderBook


The Matching Order Book Engine is to match orders and convert them to trades when their target price level has been reached. It relieves Dealers from having to watch every order in the book and concentrate on their VALUE ADDED trading jobs.


Margin and Reval BO


The Margin and Reval Back Office System is a comprehensive trading back office solution for institutional and retail clients, including Spot FX and other asset types. The solution is scalable to efficiently manage tens of thousands of accounts and millions of trades.

It includes connectivity to external vendors for cash deposits and withdrawals. Encompasses connectivity to a comprehensive set of external platforms for the receipt of STPs.

Incorporates easy integration with external platforms for information (client static data / real-time calculated information). It also comprises a comprehensive set of price source feeds for use in its internal calculations.

Retail FX Solution


The technology solution is an assembly of three elements:

  • A Margin and Reval Back Office system
  • A Web Front-end system, distributed to end-user desktops
  • A Matching Orderbook operating like an "exchange"


FX regulations significantly impact the foreign exchange (FX) market. Dodd-Frank FX, miFID, EMIR and the Tobin Tax all impact market participants in the world of FX trading. These rules have changed the way people conduct trades in the FX market and the reasons they decide to enter into trades. At BAXTER we take regulations seriously and have a solution that complies with all requirements.


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Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks

Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks

We provide modular e-FX systems to Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks over the globe.
Tailor suit architectures

Tailor suit architectures

We tailor suit architectures for different implementations depending on the specific need of our customers.
More that 15 plugins

More that 15 plugins

Our full solution containins a complete workflow from rate engine through price distribution to more that 15 plugins connecting different platforms, it includes position warehousing and trade inventory management.
Liquidity providers and trades

Liquidity providers and trades

In other cases rates are created by liquidity providers and trades are auto hedged on the market immediately.