BAXTER and its related companies, operates vertically in the Foreign Exchange market for the past 20 years.

Our experience ranges from running Institutional FX Trading platforms across building Market Making software for Tier1 Banks to providing operations for Retail FX Broker technology infrastructure.


procuct_price_engine.png The PriceEngine generates executable streaming/RFQ FX prices. Customises quotes on Spot FX, Fwds, NDFs and Swaps; and sends them to portals (FXall, Bloomberg…) or our web e-FX front-end.
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Matching OrderBook

matching_orderbook.png The Matching Orderbook is a advanced system for efficient, effective and real-time order matching. The matched orders are converted to trades when their target price level has been reached.
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Margin and Reval BO

procuct_abos.png Margin and Reval Back Office System (ABOS) is a comprehensive margin and reval back office solution for institutional and retail clients.
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Retail FX Solution

procuct_retail_fx_trading_solution.png A retail, web front-end trading interface, distributed to end-user desktops, backed by the Matching OrderBook and the Margin and Reval Back Office System.
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Agile Manifesto

BAXTER is a signatory of the Agile Manifesto


Extreme Programming

At BAXTER, we strive to adhere to the Extreme Programming Rules

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